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Chef Armee

Wanida -"Da"

armee cooking
armee smiles
armee does basket
armee with banana leaf
armee doing some prep

Hello, My name is Armee... I am one of the Sous Chefs at Akha Kitchen

I come from Chiang Rai Provence and I moved to Chiang Rai City after I graduated. I grew up in a small village named Mae Suai with relatives. Over the past 26 years I have made great friends and family wherever I find them and from wherever they come from.

Jaruwan, Da and myself have been the best of friends for many years. We are so excited to have the opportunity to introduce not only ourselves, but the Akha people of Thailand to so many that have never even heard of them. We hope you come and cook with us at Akha Kitchen.


It will be my greatest pleasure to meet you.

Armee at market
Armee at tea farm
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