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A day with Akha Kitchen...

Always includes a day at our local market. So you can meet and greet the locals and learn about some unique local foods.

Like these "puffball mushrooms"

and sweet sticky rice cooked in bamboo.

Every trip to the market ends at a Akha shop. Akha people usually make their very unique and colorful clothes. Here you can see where Akha and other hill tribe people buy the products they need to make their traditional clothing.

On return to Akha Kitchen you can enjoy a refreshing drink and snack on some fruit and market finds.

Next, it's time to pound our your very own curry paste... just the way you like it.

After that you flow between the prep room, dining room and cook station... preparing, cooking, and eating Akha and Thai cuisine.

Every dish you prepare is beautifully plated.

And every day always ends with dessert. Mango Sticky Rice is always a delicious favorite!

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