We love cooking and enjoy sharing it with others just as much.  


Often, cooking classes show little attention to a clean environment, or to the quality of the food being prepared.  We strive to make every dish in a way that is personal to you,  just as you would prepare it for yourself at home. 

Our facilities include an air-conditioned dining room, indoor

kitchen and preparation room.  This clean refreshing environment,

rather than a rough structure or a make-shift kitchen, adds to

your comfort.  We make sure the produce, meat products, 

herbs & spices are all fresh and of the highest quality,  just as you

would have it at home for yourself and your family.

If you are looking for something new and unique, then you will love your experience here at Akha Kitchen.  Learning not only about the Thai culture, its food, and its

people but also about the Akha Hill-Tribe found here in the North of


Join us on this food adventure that is Thailand...

While making new friends along the way ...

                                                                              Here in Chiang Rai Thailand.

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