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I AM AKHA/THAI   AND WANT TO SAY: "Daw caw pu ma"


Hello! Sawadi Ka! Or as we say in Akha language- Daw chaw pu ma! 


My Name is Jaruwan ... I was Born in Chiang Rai Province and  I have been a professional Chef for many years now. I am Thai and my native tongues are Thai and Akha.  I also speak some Japanese, Korean and English of course!


Let me tell you a little about Thai and Akha culture that you might not know...

The North of Thailand is a  beautiful place. Not only in scenic beauty but also because of the diversity of  the Thai people.  Chiang Rai has one of largest mixtures of ethnicity in Thailand with many Hill-Tribes, Chinese and other cultures . Though we are different in background, we are ALL "Thai" . We love Thailand and we want to share traditional Thai cooking with YOU.

Let me tell you a bit about my tribe, I am from the Akha Hill Tribe ... Most Akha people live in the mountains, where they enjoy a simple village life and  love nature .  We are known by our distinctively beautiful handmade clothes, with intricate hand stitched patterns. Also  a big part of  our Akha culture is food! Many Akha are farmers, so fresh produce is what we love!


As for me, I have lived  among the many fresh spices, vegetables, and fruits in the farmlands of the mountains. It has been my desire to master the skill of cooking- both of  Thai and Akha cuisine.


You might be familiar with many traditional Thai dishes you've  tried in your home country. Here in the "North of Thailand", we have many types of Thai cuisine that are unique to the North, but also many  unique to my tribe. I would love to show you how to prepare and enjoy some of these dishes as well as those you already love!...


O i ma de! (Akha) -  see you soon!

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